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Date posted:

May 1, 2019

Kombucha as we know it started in the Tsin Dynasty in 220bc

Kombucha has gained so much popularity in recent years thanks to its health benefits and incredible taste. It might seem like a “hype” at the moment, but the drink itself started from humble beginnings and has a long history behind it. It’s estimated the drink was founded in East Asia around 220bc. This means the origins of Kombucha date back over 2,000, in the midst of the Chinese Dynasties.  

Kombucha fermenting

The first recorded Kombucha brew was made during the Tsin Dynasty, where it was called “The Tea of Immorality,” a title that gave the drink roots to expand into other countries. Not long after, with the increase of trade around the world, Kombucha expanded into India and parts of Eastern Europe, particularly rural Russia.

Kombucha returned back to its East Asian routes during the Japanese Wars, thanks to a traveller who upon visiting Russia, noticed the incredible health benefits of Kombucha. The traveller went by the name of Kombu, which is thought to be where the name ‘Kombucha’ came from.

Once more people and countries notice the benefits and enjoyment of drinking Kombucha, it expanded across the world. Sooner or later, the drink was picked up by Germany, the rest of Europe then followed, until a shortage of tea and sugar in World War II slowed down Kombucha’s surge in popularity across the continent.

A variety of teas can be used to make Kombucha

The U.S started to catch the Kombucha bug towards the end of the 20th Century, the drink boomed in popularity with its ‘non-alcoholic’ label, as more people began shifting their habits to lead a more sober life. Alcohol alternatives can be hard to find, especially if you’re avoiding highly processed fizzy drinks, this is where Kombucha became the saving grace, it’s low in sugar, rich in flavour, and has that subtle fizz & tang that people love.

With gut health awareness becoming more important for people who suffer from digestive issues, it’s safe to say the world has fallen in love with Kombucha. Fermented drinks such as Kombucha have become life-savers for anyone who suffer from digestive issues, IBS, and bloating. All these factors have put Kombucha at the forefront of “healthy gut drinks,” for combining what seem to be the two fundamentals for gut health: fermented ingredients and healthy bacteria.

Kombucha has changed since its conception, with more brewers looking for ways to synthetically maximise its shelf-life, and increase their profits. We’re proud to say that we brew Kombucha exactly the way it has been for the last 2,000 years, without any funny business. Learn more about why we started making Kombucha here