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May 17, 2019

Sue isn't a big fan of sugary soft drinks, her son noticed.

Imagine you're out for something to eat or drink. What’s the first thing you order? Beer, wine, maybe a cocktail, but what happens when you don’t really fancy anything alcoholic, you could always order a soft drink. But who really knows what goes into a soft drink these days; they’re loaded with sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavourings, and e-numbers.

Never mind, let’s just grab some tap water.

Zach noticed this exact situation with his own Mother (who isn’t a big fan of alcohol or soft drinks), he felt like she deserved so much better than what’s currently available, and so began the fermentation adventure that led to SODADA Kombucha.

By blending a variety of teas with different fermentation times and flavours, he landed on the very first batches of Ginger and Elderflower Kombucha we know and love today.

The very first batch of SODADA Kombucha

Fortunately Zach’s Mum is an honest woman, because otherwise we’d be drinking some of the very first batches out of the brewery. These early brews were either too sweet, sour, bitter, or just way too vinegary.

After some tinkering it was time to take the product to market, by which we mean local village farmers’ market. This was the first opportunity to find out what real customers thought about these weird and wonderful healthy soft drinks.

Testing with paying customers at the local Farmers' Market

At £3 cost and with a selling price of £2.50 a bottle, the day wasn’t very profitable, but within a few hours the family team managed to sell out of the 80 bottles they had scrambled together.

This experience kickstarted SODADA and it didn’t stop there. The whole family would attend the market for the next few months, listening to feedback, finding out what people liked and didn’t like, perfecting the recipe until it was time to take things into retail.

So big thanks to Zach’s Mum, who can often be found sipping on a bottle of Elderflower Booch. It’s on the house, of course ;)